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Bluebirds Project

Male Eastern bluebird photo All about Birds Exercise

There are more than 10,000 different kinds of birds in the world. Canada and the United States have more than 900 species of birds. Birds belong to the class Aves. Animals in this class have several things in common. Introduction to Bird Species and Ornithology.

right button 1. What makes a bird - a bird? What characteristics do all birds have in common?


right button 2. Bluebirds belong to the Order - Passeriformes.

What traits do Passeriformes have in common?


right button 3. There are over 60 Families in the Order - Passeriformes!

Which Family do bluebirds belong to?


right button 4. Name another bird, that is found in your state,
that belongs to the same bird family as Bluebirds.


right button 5. Use this resource to write 4 tips on identifying a Bluebird.


right button 6. Scan this article - Four Common Wing Shapes in Birds.

Which kind of wing do bluebirds have?


right button 7. Research - How does preening help birds survive?


right button 8. Read this article called Bird Beaks . Which kind of bird beak do Bluebirds have?


right button 9. How do birds deal with damaged feathers? Read - Molting


Fly farther by learning about feathers.

Decide. Which is a better insulator feathers or skin?


Complete a Frayer Model about Birds - doc. | pdf

Learn more: Variation - grouping things

NPWRC - Bluebirds

Printer sheet: PDF | doc.

BirdSleuth: Investigating Evidence - free materials from Cornell University

Oviparous Frayer worksheet doc | pdf


tree icon Save a tree - use a Digital Answer Format - Highlight the text. Copy it. Paste it in a word processing document. Save the document in your folder. Answer on the word processing document. Save frequently as you work. Be sure to enter your name and the date in a document header. Submit the digital document via an email attahment or a class drop box.

Proof your responses. It is funny how speling errors and typeos sneak in to the bets work. smiling icon

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