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Fun at the Beach

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Legend of the Lady Slipper Activity

Literary Device Quiz based on The Winter People

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Magic Tree House stuff

Make a Literature based Internet Hunt

Ordinary Men - An Extraordinary Act of Courage

P is for Pennsylvania Project

The Scarlet Stockings Spy Quiz

The Stranger in the Woods activity

Research an infectious disease Fever 1793

Resume for A Christmas Carol character

The Midwife's Apprentice Vocab Puzzle

Timeline - make one based on events in a story

Tree Compare/Contrast project based on MSOM

Viking Ships at Sunset Quiz MTH

Adapt Wetlands Poem

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Harnessing Online Databases 1

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Diagram how to

Fake and Real Photos

Google Search engine

Lunar Society & Home Brew Club

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Internet - Actions can have lasting consequences

Innovators in Computing Hunt

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Internet Terms puzzle

The Internet - Actions can have lasting consequences

The Lunar Society and The Homebrew Computer Club

Net Neutrality - What is it? Why does it matter?

The Photo Shrink Think


Save As - Macintosh flexibility

School Lunch Spreadsheet

Spreadsheet Tips Hunt

Spreadsheet Christmas gift list

School Computer Volunteer

High Temperature records by State ss project


50 States facts Project

51st State - What are the protocols for U.S. statehood?

Book Covers - how to

No Place like Home research geography

Constitution & Civics studies index

Founded on Compromises activity

Transparency Essay

Make an Internet hunt based on state facts

Make an Internet Fact Hunt about a Country

Symbols of the U.S. Government activity

100 Milestone Documents projects

Revolutionary War Spies Project 5-9th

History Mystery Message

The Role of News Reporting and public forums in History

Biomes- Dude, You Gotta move 4-7th pbl

Bird storybook Best Treat of All

Bluebirds Project Study Unit

Bullfrog and Bayous Amphibians activity

Butterflies Internet activity

Butterfly math

The Cell - Internet Activity

Classification - trace lineage of organism

Duck identifying

Earth's Layers Online Activity

Egg Math - calculated to challenge

Environmentalist Award

Fields & Meadows unit

Habitat Garden at school

Heart Internet Hunt

Lentic Ecosystem and Lotic Ecosystem PA waters

Milkweed and Monarch Butterfly Mania - extensive

Monarchs & Milkweeds Quiz

Monarch Butterfly Lineage

Native Plants at School Landscape Project

Observations: Rock | Nest | Pool & more

Oceans - a cause for concern Can your community help?

Plants and People

Plant Parts Activity

Science Hunts - 30

Tree ID Quiz wetland

Trees Activity

Tree Compare/Contrast project based on MSOM

Wetlands Study Unit

Map Pennsylvania Waters

Water Studies - The Math of Sufficient Fresh Water

Water Studies Precipitation and Population

Water Words Puzzle

Fresh Water in Pennsylvania


Women in Science Hunt

Problem-Based Learning Projects > 100

crossword icon Puzzles

Pennsylvania Projects >80

ADA- facility assessment

Alternative Energy Sources

Attendance Campaign

Benjamin Franklin Extraordinary

Biomes- Dude, You Gotta move 4-7th

Consumer Protection Project

Country Internet Hunt

County Government Project

Environmentalist Award

Food + Activity = Weight

Government Integrity - Travel and Staffers

Government Integrity - Earmarks

Government - What does a legislator owe you?

History Facts and Fictions ms/hs

How to be Healthy Campaign

Make a Literature based Internet Hunt

Native Americans - issues

Native Plants at School Landscape Project

New Year Comparison Diagram project

Oceans - a cause for concern Can your community help?

Privacy of Personal Information at School

Product Packaging Conundrum

Prominent Person Award

Running for Public Office

State fact hunt - make one

Tax Commission

Which Pennsylvania city would you like to visit? 4th up

Acronyms puzzle- the long & short of it java

Afternoon on the Amazon Puzzle MTH

Australian animals puzzle java

Autumn puzzle java

Bats at the Beach puzzle

Batty puzzle java

The Birchbark House puzzle

Birds of Fields & Meadows puzzle java

Body puzzle 3rd- 4th pdf

Butterflies puzzle java

A Christmas Carol puzzle

Day of the Dragon King puzzle *print

December Holidays

Dogs in the Dead of Night puzzle MTH

Dolphins at Daybreak puzzle MTH

Egg Words puzzle

Election Vocabulary MYO Puzzle project

Email puzzle

Government - make a vocabulary puzzle

Groupings puzzle - critter collectives

Haunted Castle on Hallows Eve puzzle - MTH

June Puzzle

The Knight at Dawn puzzle java MTH

Lions at Lunchtime puzzle Magic Tree House

Make a vocabulary Puzzle

Mammals of Fields & Meadows puzzle

The Midwife's Apprentice Vocabulary - key

Midnight on the Moom puzzle MTH

Milkweed Puzzle print

Milkweed Puzzle java

Mummies in the Morning Puzzle MTH

Pennsylvania Facts Puzzle

Polar Bears Past Bedtime Puzzle MTH

Rocks and Minerals Puzzle

The Scarlet Stockings Spy Vocab Puzzle

Sunset of the Sabertooth Puzzle java

Sunset of the Sabertooth Puzzle MTH

Thanksgiving Puzzle

Tigers at Twilight Puzzle

Winter Fun Facts

Act 1 Tax Commission

Prominent and Famous Pennsylvanians

Pennsylvania Map activity 3-8

Pennsylvania Facts Puzzle 3-6

Pennsylvania Visual Artists 6-10

Music Artists of PA Activity 6-10

Pennsylvania Government 7-12

Citizen Rights In PA- 6-12th

County Government Project

Ballot Access in PA.

Exceptional Women of PA.

Fresh Water in Pennsylvania

PA City - which would you like to visit?

Who represents you? Government in PA

Sell People on Your Community

Write a song of Pennsylvania facts

Make a PA ebook of facts.

Life Expectancy in Pennsylvania

Lentic Ecosystem and Lotic Ecosystem PA waters

The Pennsylvania Flag

Prominent Person Award

Look into your Community's History

Descriptive Writing using a work of Art

Charters and Important Documents

Amending the PA Constitution

William Penn Day

State Facts Song

PA. Consumer Protection Project

Map Pennsylvania Waters

Right to Know

Elbow Room - Exploring Population Density

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