human heartHeart Idioms Writing Challenge by Cindy O'Hora

Directions: Harness the heart idioms at the bottom of the page to fill in this heart warming story.

spcaerLast night Emily had a __________ to __________ talk with her mother. She ______ her ______ out

to her over the phone. Her mom said she had been _____ at _______ when she had heard the shocking

news about that varmint Mike. She wished from the ______ of her ________ that the whole terrible

situation had never occurred. She urged Emily to _____ _________ in the love of those around her.


spcaerTruth be told, Mrs. Jones had been relieved when she heard Mike had announced his _____________

of ________ about the marriage. In her ___________ of ____________ she had doubted his sincerity from

the beginning. She hoped the year he was spending in Europe would end the relationship with her

daughter. She had never believed the old saying _____________ makes the ________ grow _________.

It certainly was not true in her past marriage. But recalling the pain of her break up with her Emily's father,

John, made her _________ go ____ to her daughter all the more. She had encouraged her daughter to go to

the party in hopes it would relieve Emily's ___________ ____________.


spcaer"Mom is right," thought Emily as she got in the cab. "There is no point in sitting home all weekend."

She had always enjoyed being with Jane. Just thinking of her warmed the _________ of her heart.

Besides, she didn't _______ the ________ to disappoint such a cherished friend, by missing the big



spcaerAs she entered the atrium of the massive room, she spied herself in a full length mirror. She ________

heart in how good she looked in the flaming red, sequined dress. Even though her _______ was not __ __,

she pasted a smile on her face and began to circulate around the room.


spcaerA few people ahead of her she saw Grace Veiny. Grace looked stunning in her simple, dark red gown.

In college, Grace had been the one with the ________ of gold. Always a bit too sympathetic, Emily feared a

word from Grace's __________ heart would put her in tears. Emily quickly reversed direction before

Grace saw her.


spcaerThe soft rock music pulsed through the room. The steady lub - dub rhythm soothed Emily's ________

heart a bit. Listening to music had always been relaxing for her. Suddenly, she saw an all too familiar

figure. Her ______ skipped a _________. What was he doing here? How could Jane have invited Mike to

her bash,too?


spcaerEmily ________________ her heart as she walked towards Mike. She was behind him and

hoped his ________ would be in his _____ when she unexpectedly appeared in front of him.


spcaer"He'll be eating his ___________ _____ when he sees me in this gorgeous dress," she mumbled to

herself to build her confidence. As she drew near, Mike staggered a bit almost falling on the man standing

next to him. Emily noticed the man was holding on to Mike's arm. Mike swayed abruptly again, spilling his

drink down Jane's dress. He was drunk! Emily heard Jane angrily demand that Mike leave immediately.

The man holding him up literally dragged Mike out the door.


spcaerEmily greeted Jane and offered to help clean up her dress. As they entered the ladies room Jane's anger



spcaer"None of us had the _______ to tell you this before, Emily. Mike is a drunk. How dare he come to my

party high on drugs and booze? Oh no, Look at my dress!" Jane looked sadly at her reflection in

the mirror. Emily's heart _______ over the look of disappoint and despair in Jane's face.


spcaer"I am so sorry he is such a jerk. Tell you what. We are the same size. Let's swap dresses. I want to

head home anyway," suggested Emily. Jane could see by her expression that the offer came

straight from Emily's _____________. They quickly switched outfits. Jane whole__________ thanked

Emily telling her she would stop by the next afternoon to return Emily's dress.


spcaerFor Emily, the cab ride home was a peaceful pleasure. She went straight to bed. She even smiled as

her eyes drifted shut. She ___ ___ heart on the goal of forgetting Mike. She realized that ending the

relationship with Mike was the right thing after all.


"The most powerful agent of growth and transformation is something more basic than any technique:
a change of heart." ~ John Welwood


Heart idioms:

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

from the bottom of your heart

warm the cockles of your heart

your heart bleeds

heart is in their boots

heart is in the right place

heart skips a beat

eat your heart out!

break someone's heart

harden your heart

have a heart of stone

know/learn it (off) by heart

lose your heart to a person

a man/woman after your own heart

pour your heart out

put your heart and soul into doing

set your heart on doing something

strike at the heart of it

take something to heart

take heart

go to the heart of the matter

a bleeding heart

a change of heart

put your hand on your heart

your heart goes out to

heart is in their mouth

heart is not in something

heart sinks

be all heart

close/dear to a person's heart

cry your heart out

have a heart of gold

in your heart of hearts

let your heart rule your head

lose heart

open your heart

to your heart's content

wear your heart on your sleeve

a heart-to-heart

Home is where the heart is

sick at heart

someone is heartless

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