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Magnolia Magnolia

Magnolias are amoung the earliest flowering plants.

They grew during the time of the dinosaurs.

About 80 species occur natively in the United States. Southern magnolias are evergreen and those growing in the north are deciduous.

The tree pictured here is growing wild in a small woods on the back of our central Pennsylvania property. I suspect it is a star magnolia because of the star like petals on its blooms.

The native magnolias likely to grow here are the Cucmbertree and Sweetbay magnolia.

The beautifully colored and grained wood of the Cucumber Tree is sometimes used as trim or for paneling.

Squirrels and songbirds eat the red berry clusters of magnolias.

magnolia flowers

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Magnolia in bloom


close view underside magnolia leaves

Closer view of magnolia leaves

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Posted 5/10/06 Cindy O'Hora