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Based on the web site Build-A-Prarie by Bell LIVE!

Directions: Click on the underlined words to follow the link. Find the answer and write it on your answer sheet.
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BEFORE you begin the adventure:

1. In the Field Guide they tell you some plants are perennial.

What does that mean? Circle the correct one

They grow back each year for more than 2 years

They grow one year and die.

They grow two years, flower and then die.

2. If you were nocturnal when would you rest? (Not sure? Check in the Glossary)


3. Another word for prairie is? How much of North America's prairie is lost?


4. Name four different animals that depend on the prairie ecosystem.

bird -

reptile -

insect -

mammal -


TAI (Think about it) - Name a people who depended on the prairie  

Begin the Build-A-Prairie activity.

1. Which one did you select to restore?


2. Write the grasses you chose to add.


3. Which forbs did you add?


4.Which birds did you include?


5. What kinds of mammals are found in the prairie you chose?


6. Would you be likely to find a poison arrow frog on the prairie?


Why or Why not?


7. The last pages talk about prairie fires. Should kids ever start a fire on the prairie? Explain  your answer.


Done already?

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