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Sir Isaac Newton and his Laws of Motion Hunt

Directions: Use the links (blue underlined words) provided to find the answers to the questions. You might find my Getting Back Tips helpful. Note: Many links in this project take you to web servers in Scotland. That may mean the pages load a bit slower. Be patient!

1. Newton's first law is......

Consider the example given. Now write a different one of your own.


Friction plays an important role when you consider inertia. What is friction?


2. What is force?


What unit of measurement is used for force?


3. Is a force required to keep an object in motion? (videos at Khan's Academy)

Explain your answer.


4. What is Newton's second law?  


5. If the same force is applied to two different objects, what will determine the difference in their motion


6. What happens to acceleration if you double the force being applied?


7. What is Newton's third law?


8. Make some scientific observations using this online Newton's Cradle. (Java must be enabled in your browser)

What happens when you set it to 1?


What happens when you set it to 2?


What happens when you set it to 3?


Predict what will happen when you set it to 4?


Make the change. Was your prediction correct? ____________________


9. When am I ever going to use this? Complete the problems.
Which law of motion applies?


Extended thinking:

* A Pennsylvania high school class created an exceptional video called Eastern York's Physics Man. They entered it in a nationwide contest sponsored by Wired and won 1st place with it! The requirements were that it had to use their song, be a music video, and it had to be related to physics. The video is posted on youtube.com, if you are interested in checking it out.

Take up the challenge. Make you own digital physics video.


* It's like Everywhere! This sentence uses physics vocabulary to explain something nonscientific.

There is considerable friction between Tom and his parents due to his inertia over mowing the lawn. His dad does not want to force him, but he will in order to accelerate the completion of the project. His mom thinks Tom does not understand the gravity of the situation.

Explain it:



"If I have seen further than others, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." ~ Isaac Newton


Pulling a table cloth Street Science video

How Does a Fire Extinguisher Propel Someone? Street Science video

Try this Easy Momentum Experiment at Home Street Science video

Answer the challenge question at Science Court. - Intertia

Complete the exercises on this web page http://www.easyphysics.net/ch4/ch4.htm

Challenged by Physics and or Math? Try the free, online videos at KhanAcademy.org.

Do the problems here using the formula based on Newton's second law of motion. Write your answers here. Write your score!

Newton's Law of Motion at NASA | Explore NOVA Now's - The Elegant Universe - The Theory of Everything

Going, Going, Faster: The Science of Speed - An Electronic Field Trip | Balloon Rocket project

Fear of Physics - Physics explained, finally | Buckaroo Physics video | WatchKnowLearn.org - free science videos

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