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Moving Out - An Animal Migration Internet Hunt

Directions: Use the links provided to find the answers to the questions. Use the Back, in the menu bar of your browser, to return to this page.

1. What is migration?


2. Research required: Which of these scientists might be involved in a study of species migration?

Life sciences: Ecologists, Entomologists, Biologists, Mammalogists, Anthropologists, Ichthyologists, Linguists

Physical sciences: Chemists, Meteorologists, Physicists, Astronomers, Magnetologists, Mathematician, Aeronautical scientists

3. What is one navigation guide for animal migration?



4. Which class of animals makes the longest migration?

Animal classification resource


5. Explain each type of migration:

a. Seasonal migration


b. Latitudinal migration


c. Altitudinal migration


d. Reproductive migration



e. Nomadic migration



f. Removal migration



g. Complete migration



h. Partial migration



i. Irruptive migration



6. Pick a class of animals.


Answer the questions about a migration for a species in that class of animals.

Resources: NGS search / BBC Nature / Journey North / Especies / Animal Information / Animal Diversity Web / ADF&G Wildlife / Is Animal Migration Disappearing / Internet Public Library / National Museum of Natural History

Name of the species




Continent(s) where they are found



Preferred habitat



Distance of migration



Reason for migration



Man made threats to this migration



Nature related threat to this migration


(Exercise your online research skills to locate the answers for 7 and 8.)

7. Name a device used by zoologists to help them study animal migration.


8. Give an example of humans migrating.



9. Solve this Monarch migration math challenge.



Come to a conclusion: (answer off-line)

10. Which class of animals is best suited to migrating? Support your answer.



"Learning is not attained by chance. It must be sought with ardor and attended with diligence." Abigail Adams


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Animal migration by David J. Aidley, Society for Experimental Biology in Google books

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