Exploring Light Phenomenon
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1. What is light?


2. Glean the answers from the information on "The Light You See".

List three forms of electromagnetic radiation (EM) with a wavelength less than visible light.


List three forms of electromagnetic radiation (EM) with a wavelength greater than visible light.



3. Why are things colored? (Please note - "because" is not an adequate answer.)




4. Three things can happen to a light wave when it strikes an object. Name them.



If something appears black in color, this means -


BananaA banana appears yellow because the ________________________________________ is _____________________.


5. What is the speed of light?




6. What do you observe happening when white light passes through the triangular prism?



7. Name the scientist who made up the word "spectrum".



8. Measure and record the frequency of light demonstrated on this web page.
(It takes a minute or two to load, but is well worth the time investment.)



Now increase the energy. What happens to the wavelength? What happens to the frequency?




9. Use Measuring Light to answer these questions.

A lumen is

What tool is used to measure light?

A 60 watt bulb uses how much energy to yield light?


10. What result do you get when you multiply the wave length by its frequency?



11. How is laser light different from visible light?




12. Your school needs to reduce costs. One way to do this is to control energy costs.
Give three ways to reduce the amount of electricity used for lighting.


How many of them are in use in your school?



How many of them are in use in your home?


13. Write the answers to Test your Lighting IQ.

Photo 1

Photo 4

Photo 2

Photo 5

Photo 3

Photo 6

14. Your sister comments at dinner, "Weren't the crepuscular rays we saw last evening spectacular?"

Your younger brother, Matt looks at you befuddled. He asks, "What is she talking about?" You decide to enlighten him....


15. Biology is the study of living things. A scientist who focuses on biology is called a biologist. What is the science of the study of light called?


Complete this Lights On or Lights Out? - MathMastery problem.


 Complete this phenomena science observation skills exercise


Embark on the Light Tour. What wavelength did you enter? Investigate energy saving bulbs activity
Your mom takes you to a laser show. She wonders, "How do they do that?"
Harness How Stuff Works web site to explain it to her.
Explore off line "What's your wavelength"
What is the difference between holography and photography? Check out Light: A learning unit
Science, Optics and you Interactive Java Tutorials
Watch the light and color video at DragonflyTV Energy alternatives activtiy
Bioluminescence - Firefly Watch - Learn and conduct your own study. Time Capsule - Study Unit Assessment
The Set Game online Read the three topics on Auroras. Auroras internet hunt
Scientists Close In On Invisibility Cloak  

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