Holiday Origins Web Scavenger Hunt

Directions: Use the links to learn many facts about the holidays we celebrate each year. Don't just assume that you know the answer. I think you'll be surprised about some of the answers. Use the Go Menu, in the bar above your browser, to return to this hunt page. Getting back tips

1. How many years ago was the first known New Year's Day celebrated?

2. What Pennsylvania town is linked to Groundhog Day?



3. In what year was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day first celebrated?



4. What is the purpose of Presidents' Day?



5. Which Philadelphian campaigned for a national celebration of Mother's Day?


How did she come to feel about the way the holiday was recognized?


6. Which Pennsylvania town claims to be the site of the first Memorial Day?


7. What does Constitution Day recognize? (Use your search skills to find the answer.)



8. What date is Grandparents Day?


What is the purpose of the holiday?



9. What is the origin of April Fools' Day?




10. Labor Day founders did not intend it to be a farewell to summer. What did it originally recognize?





New Year Celebrations Comparison Diagram learn computer skills while learning about cultures.

Calendar Fun and Facts - I was surprised to learn there are several calendars other than the one we use every day.
Here are a couple resources to help you explore the topic, too.

If you are now itching to learn more about calendars go to:

MultiCultural Calendar (MCC)

Calendar Zone

Earth Calendar is a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world. or repost this page.

One little letter makes a BIG difference.

Some folks misspell the word calendar - calender.

Calender is really a word that means - "A machine in which paper or cloth is made smooth and glossy
by being pressed through rollers." from the American Heritage Dictionary. (3rd edition, digital version)

Of course, I never make a speling mistake! ;-)

The Set Game online | Educational rap music - the other three r's WOW! check it out!

Winter Song Photo Story | Make Your Own Answer Sheet Form using Word Processing
Patriotic Song Photo story project
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