Follies - the not so fast - Hunt
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1. Visit this site about advertising tricks. Read the section about food. List three ways they mislead you in food advertising.




2.What is an urban legend? (Hint: Select the right site link to find out the answer to my question.)
Name one. (I thought the Coke one was interesting and funny.)



3. Read a couple of these Tech Tales. Do you believe they qualify as Urban Legends? Hoaxes?



What is one significant challenge for people who provide tech support by phone?



4. How did Robert Ripley contribute to people's fascination with the unusual or odd?



5. You get an email from your computer buddy. It says that if you forward the email message to everyone in your email address book,
you'll get a dollar per address in two weeks. You could really use the fast cash to buy gas.

What steps should you take?



6. What is the name of the federal agency that deals with safety in products?



How do they act to protect consumers?

7. What does the latin phrase Caveat emptor mean?



8. Identity theft is a serious problem. List three ways to protect yourself.



9. You heard there is a recall on a toy you just gave your sibling as a gift. What is a recall?

What should you do?

Done already?

Explore the Museum of Hoaxes and discover just how gullible people can be.

Who perpetrated the Petrified man hoax? Why?

Do you have Affluenza?

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