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Auroras! online activity
Directions: Read the questions first.
Use the online book Auroras! Mysterious Lights In The Sky to respond to the questions. Click on the link to begin the activity. Click on the postcard.
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1. What are the two names for the mysterious lights in the night sky?


2. What causes the lights?


3. Who studies auroras?


What tools do they use?




4. Write two synonyms for auroras.


5. When can you see an aurora?


6. If you lived in Australia, you would see: Northern lights or Southern lights?


7. What does the magnetosphere do?


8. Electrons make atoms of different elements glow in different colors.
Name the two elements and the colors they glow.


9. The Northern Lights are also called the ...


Watch an Aurora Movie

Alaskan students study the aurora.

10. Offline - Conduct a survey of your family or classmates.

Have you ever seen an aurora? How many times? Where were they when they saw the aurora?

Report your results in percentages.



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