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About Australian Animals Internet Hunt

Directions: Click on the link to go to a web site with the answer to the question. Once you find it, click the Back button of your browser to return to this web page. Many of the links in this hunt are to computers on the web in Australia. (.au in the url)

1. The kookaburra is a snake eating bird. It has an unusual call. (Listen to it here)

Name a bird whose call you recognize or hear in your community.


2. The female platypus digs a long nesting tunnel. How many eggs does she lay?


3. What does the male platypus have on its hind legs that a female does not have?


4. How many times a minute does an echidna flick its tongue?

What does it eat?


5. Name three ways the frilled lizard defends itself.


6. How did the kangaroo get that name?


7. Kangaroos are only found in Australia and New Guinea.
How many species
(kinds) of kangaroos are there?


Write one other fact about kangaroos.


8. What two animals are endangering the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby?

9. Do some digging on the internet. What kind of bird is a lorikeet?


What do they eat?


10. Emus are a large, flightless bird native to Australia.
Compare your hieght with an emu. Who is taller?


11. Write several interetsing facts about the Tasmanian Tiger.


Where can you see a living one today?


12. You decide to open a zoo that displays some australian animals. Some careful plans must be made.

a. What must you worry about if you want to have wombats? (TAI! Think about it)


b. You want to have a koala in your zoo. What food will be needed?


c. When do they drink?


d. The zoo will be divided into similar groups of animals.
The thorny devil will be in which section: the mammal area | the birds area | the reptile house?
(Use your Internet research skills to find the answer.)


13. Use the information at Wildlife of Sydney to select an animal you would hope to see on a trip to Australia.

Explain where you would look for them.


14. Get the picture. Australia has two kinds of special mammals. Use your Internet research skills to learn more about them.
Monotremes - write three facts about monotremes


Marsupials - Write three facts about marsupials

Name a marsupial found on another continent


Check it out.

Explore Australia Zoo

Try this online crossword puzzle to see what you have learned. You answer the clues right on your computer!

Marsupials Variation - grouping things

Do this Dichotomous Key activity for two of the species.
Make a Dichotomous Key for a species of marsupials and a vertebrate that live in your region.


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